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Thicker Than Water

Posted on Fri Sep 2nd, 2022 @ 1:12am by Captain Regina Lafayette-Trelawney & Lieutenant Geoffrey Trelawney

Mission: S1E1: "Thank You For Your Service"
Location: Trelawney Estate | Elysion Starfields
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1400

Once she had sealed the deal with Admiral Character, there wasn't a moment to lose and Regina wasted no time. She had excused herself from her husband's funeral. There was work to be done.

First thing's first. Since her executive officer was already selected, it meant she had no input in that position. There were no Lafayettes of her blood in the Fleet and precious few Trelawneys. Such layabouts, this generation. Her choice of lackey was marginally thin at best.

The worst part was that she had to unblock his personal contact information in order to reach out to him through her private communication port.

"Well, as I live and breathe, if it isn't dear old Aunt Regina," said a nasally voice with a thick Mid-Atlantic accent.

"Geoffrey," replied Regina curtly. "You are to refer to me as Captain from here on."

Laughter from the other side. Her nephew had always been such a cur. "Truly? One surprise attack on Earth and you're jolly well back into uniform just like that?" Another chuckle and a finger snap. "How quintessentially Regina."

"Yes, yes, someone has to save this family, considering the shape everyone else has left it in," Regina murmured. "Sloths, degenerates, commingling with common yokels. It is an insult to the name that I must approach the likes of you if I am to secure our future legacy."

"The likes of me?" The offense was nearly palpable in Geoffrey's tone. "Fine way that is to entreat my favor in..."

"Favor?" Now it was Regina's turn to laugh. "Dearie, I am not in the habit of asking favors from disgraced wretches. Just what are you doing presently? Activate visual mode."

Regina's resumed command clearance forcibly activated the visual screen, an event that Regina immediately regretted on sight.

"Geoffrey!" she exclaimed, uncharacteristically losing her aplomb.

"Auntie!" Geoffrey squealed in a falsetto.

The man was strung up in some sort of contraption laden with chains, straps, and a disconcerting amount of electrical wiring. What he was wearing could be generously called clothing, but what little it covered of his body gave the appearance of...

"Are you wearing a crab getup?" Regina was fully incredulous, just barely keeping her hand away from her mouth.

"I am the 'Dungeonest Crab'..." Geoffrey said sheepishly. "I... I lost another bet and this was the wager."

Regina sighed wearily. Sometimes she wished for the old days when the worst a man had to lose was his billfold. "When you come aboard my ship, there will be no wagering, no gambling, no shenanigans of any kind. Do you understand?"

"... come aboard your ship?" Geoffrey repeated with incredulity of his own.

"Do you understand?" Regina reiterated more firmly.

"Well, I have some conditions of my own," Geoffrey began to say.

"I should think you are literally in no position to set conditions," Regina interjected. "The only reason I do not forward the communication log of this conversation directly to the Admiralty in an Article 32 investigation is that I require your presence on my ship. Transfer orders are being generated as we speak, so you will report there just as soon as you receive them. I will ask once more:"

Geoffrey grimaced but nodded vigorously.

"Good. Now get yourself out of that ridiculous attire and back into uniform. I want you fit for duty with your best foot forward." Leaning into the screen, she said, "I mean it, Geoffrey. This is for the family."

"I said that I understand, Regina."



Regina gave a victorious smirk. "Good. Do as I say, and you may replace Geofferson as your father's heir."

"Don't ever say that na--"

But the communication was cut short. Regina went to the Synthesizer and ordered a cappuccino. This was going to take some work, but it was doable. Whatever she could not take credit for herself would be given to her nephew. And, if a decoy were needed for unavoidable political fallout, he was also disposable as the embarrassment he was. Every captain needed a Geoffrey.

Even so, Regina knew the price of that would be to protect the little shit from the smaller faux pas he would inevitably make. Such was indeed the price of greatness. And, if Regina were to admit it, it was the right thing to do. Everyone who served in the Fleet swore an oath to the Union, and Regina would proudly fulfill her oath. She just had one to family which preceded it. The Union Fleet would just have to find a way to deal with that.


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