Total Recall

Posted on Fri Sep 2nd, 2022 @ 1:12am by Captain Regina Lafayette-Trelawney & Fleet Admiral Ronald Character

Mission: S1E1: "Thank You For Your Service"
Location: Elysion Starfield Estates
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0800

"Welcome to my home." All in black, Regina stood side by side with Fleet Admiral Ronald Character on the grounds of her late husband's family estate. Facing forward rather than one another, their conversation was nonetheless an A to B one which didn't have room for anything else. "There are refreshments if you require them. Otherwise, I should think we shall get straight to business."

People clad in black attire took solemn stride past an open casket mere meters away. Regina looked upon them, but paid them no mind. It was the admiral who held her full attention.

"When you asked me to come here to speak with you I didn't think it would be at your husband's funeral," Character said uncomfortably. "Luckily I always pack a full set of uniforms whenever I travel," he added, clad in the appropriate dress uniform. Character had not known Regina's husband but the two often came across each other throughout their careers.

"You should take a day or two and we can talk afterward." The business he had come to speak with her about was urgent but she was just having the funeral for her husband after all.

Regina bristled at the man's condescension but she kept the dignity of her poise. "I have a lifetime to grieve what was," she said at length. "Earth was attacked. My home was damaged. My family name shamed. I stand ready to resume my commission in service to the Union."

"An attack on your home does not bring you shame, Regina," he said, glancing toward her. "This was no fault of your family. The Union was blindsided. But I do have a command for you to return to. It will be ready for you to take command as soon as you are prepared, but I would recommend taking at least seventy-two hours before you start preparing. You need time."

To that Regina gave a sniff. Every day that passed was a black eye to her dynasty. "I'll multitask," she said plainly. "My affairs here will be tied up soon enough. I will be ready to resume captaincy within that time."

"That's fine, but I insist on taking the time," Character said firmly. "I will put your reactivation effective 72 hours from now at the rank of Captain. You'll be given the command of a new explorer we had just come off the line. They had just been commissioned when the attack happened; her Captain was killed in the attack. The Executive Officer is top notch and the transition should go pretty smoothly.

"Very well..." If she argued too much, then Regina would appear too eager. And she very much needed to maintain the image that she was answering the call to serve the Union in its time of crisis rather than running from her insufferable relatives during theirs. Some might call it cruel, but in Regina's estimation the Kaylon had killed too few of her in-laws and certainly the wrong brother. That her husband Remmington was now resting in peace did little to change his daily routine. He certainly would not miss Regina any more than she did him. So much squandered and lost even before the Kaylons showed up. "You're welcome, Admiral. I'll help you see to it that the Fleet gets back on its feet."

"We appreciate your help Captain, and we need the help," Character said, plainly. "I'll get in touch with you with more details once we get an assignment together for the Manfred. But for now I'll let you attend to your family business, I am very sorry for your losses. Be well, Regina."

Regina dipped her head demurely. "Of course, Admiral. It was an honor for you to attend."

After the man left, though, Regina let the part of the grieving widow drop almost entirely. There was work to be done. A ship fresh off the line? An executive officer already selected? Suppose if half the crew were already assigned without her input. Or worse--the ship could already be christened.

This was starting from behind. Regina tore off her veil and marched out of the drawing room. Enough time had been wasted on her sham of a marriage and she wouldn't waste any more.