S1E1: "Thank You For Your Service"

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Times are a'changing! Earth was directly invaded by a foreign power that was halted only by the unexpected assistance of the Krill, a former enemy turned uneasy ally. In the wake of the attack, the Union Fleet is promoting and reactivating as many officers as possible in order to fill the holes left in the fleet by the massive casualties. The Manfred begins its maiden voyage with a motley crew tasked with expanding and preserving Union galactic interests.

It's going to get weird, folks.

Start Date Tue Aug 23rd, 2022 @ 2:09am
End Date Fri Aug 25th, 2023 @ 2:09am

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Title Timeline Location
Dr. Acula
by Lieutenant Geoffrey Trelawney & Lieutenant Junior Grade Glori Hawthorn
Mission Day 2 at 0800 USS Manfred
Thicker Than Water
by Captain Regina Lafayette-Trelawney & Lieutenant Geoffrey Trelawney
Mission Day 1 at 1400 Trelawney Estate | Elysion Starfields
Total Recall
by Captain Regina Lafayette-Trelawney & Fleet Admiral Ronald Character
Mission Day 1 at 0800 Elysion Starfield Estates

Mission Summary