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Captain Regina Lafayette-Trelawney

Name Regina Lafayette-Trelawney

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 47
Place of Birth New Orleans, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5/165cm
Weight 135lbs (61kg)
Hair Color Platinum
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Regina is the personification of Resting Bitch Face. Her fair complexion and honeyed tones carry on the pedigree of the North American Bayou from which her family has descended. The plumpness of age hugs her hips despite her every effort to halt its advance.


Spouse Remmington Trelawney (deceased)
Children Perhaps one day by surrogacy.
Father Beauregard Lafayette
Mother Azalaea Layfield-Lafayette
Brother(s) Aloysius Lafayette (deceased)

Meriwether "Mary" Lafayette

Bloomingdale "Dale" Lafayette-Johnson
Sister(s) Georgiana Lafayette-Mahajan

Other Family Geoffrey Trelawney (Nephew)

Attinder Mahajan, brother-in-law

Cooter Johnson, brother-in-law (common law)

Personality & Traits

General Overview While generally unafraid to raise her voice, Regina prefers to speak softly and carry a big stick. Her withering stare often allows her to speak louder in silence than through words.
Eccentricities Regina tends to clear her throat when other people speak for extended periods of time.
Fantasies Fantasies are for children, lunatics, and other weak-willed individuals.
Habits Regina tends to hum concertos quietly to herself when stressed.

Personal History Marrying into the Trelawney family has brought Regina great fortune as measured through intellectual property and social advancement since the Union is a currency-free society. Her antiquated family estate from New Orleans was far from the fashionable side of the pop-culture. The various accolades and discoveries of the Lafayette and Trelawney dynasties made her pairing with Remmington a match made in Heaven, at least so far as the anachronistic class of blueblooded intelligentsia elites were concerned. Nonetheless, an arranged marriage is still an arranged marriage, and Regina will be the first to admit it was loveless. It was for this reason that when several members of the family perished in the Kaylon attack of Earth, Regina mourned her brother Aloysius far more than her husband in part because he was the only Lafayette sibling who would carry on the family name with dignity.

While Regina still technically has a claim to the Trelawney family estate in the Elysion Starfields, the damage suffered after the Kaylon attack has made it less vogue than in times past. As such, Regina finds herself coming out of her brief retirement on a mission to restore the honor of her blue-blooded provenance through the only means available to her and perhaps safeguard the Union in the process.